On behalf of the soldiers of the IDF, we wish to thank our many many friends from all over the world who have supported us over the years.

As you know the past week has been very hard here in Israel with rocks, fire crackers and molotov cocktails been thrown on soldiers and civilians.

Last Friday night Yosef Salomon, 70, and his two children Chaya Salomon, 46, and Elad Salomon, 36, were killed by a 19-year-old Palestinian, who infiltrated the West Bank settlement of Halamish and attacked them in their home as they were celebrating the birth of a new grandchild with the family.

May their memory be a blessing.

Our soldiers continue to work night and day , especially in this latest wave of terror, putting themselves in first line of danger and protecting the citizens of Israel.

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Help us show our soldiers that no matter what it may seem like in the global media, they have support from friends all over the world


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